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Zombie Fights Shark is a sound design company located in Nashville, Tennessee.

We create Ableton Live Pack, Reason ReFills, Kontakt Instruments, loops, and hits for music creators who like to skirt the fringes of the music world. We hope that we help you to challenge yourself musically and go to places you've never been before.

Some of our ReFills not shown here include:

Dia de la Glitch - a collection of hundreds of loops and patches perfect for trip hop, glitch, IDM, electronica, experimental, chip, noise, and industrial genres.

Prepared Piano, A Unique Piano Experience - the first Reason-only Prepared Piano ReFill that includes a fully playable 88 key spinet piano and an otherworldly percussion section at your fingertips in the form of a Prepared Piano. If you don't know what that is you can check out some of John Cage's works online. It's sort of amazing. It's suitable for all genres of electronic music, rock, pop, and latin (percussion, I say, percussion!).

Mecanique - A simple, beautifully sampled music box. Think of a jewelry box playing a song when you open, now think of being able to play that jewelry box like a piano, drumset, or sound design instrument - that's Mecanique.

The Factory - Over 100 instruments built from Teenage Engineering's PO-16. If you make chip - or any related genre - you will LOVE this.


A small collection of Malstrom patches for Reason.
60 Drum kits in Rex format taken from free downloads offered on the Teenage Engineering Soundcloud page.
A free ReFill of a handful of Thor patches
Hohner Organetta for Ableton, Reason, Kontakt, and Soundfont