• What is Audiobombs?

    Audiobombs is a collection of user-contributed presets and tools for music production, djing, and live performance. Artists can host and share presets and samples for free on the site.

  • Do I have to create an account?

    For the vast majority of items on the site, you don't need to create an account. However, for some of the larger downloads and more popular items, you'll need to log in to download.

  • What can I share on Audiobombs?

    You may only upload content that you have created yourself, or for which you hold the copyright or have permission from the original copyright holder to redistribute their content in the public domain. Please read our Upload Agreement for more information.

  • Can I use anything on the site in my commercial productions?

    You'd need to contact the user that uploaded the item to be 100% sure. For most of the items on the site, the answer is yes.

  • What do you do with the information on my profile?

    If you've opted in, we may send you an occasional newsletter or offers from partners. However, we will never sell or give away your data without your permission.

  • I don't want to have to check the site all the time. Is there a way you can notify me of new uploads?

    Sure. Under your profile there is a section called 'Alerts'. Just select the categories you'd like to be notified for, and we'll send you a daily digest email when there are new items.

  • I see items for sale on the site. Can I sell my products too?

    Contact us! We allow some sellers to list their products on the site for a small percentage of the sales. This helps us pay for the hosting fees for all the content on the site.


  • What can I share in the Ableton section?

    You can share anything Ableton related in this section. Racks, packs, device presets, skins, templates, etc. When you upload, be sure to specify what format the item is.

  • When I download an Ableton rack, it's saved as an unknown file type. What's the deal?

    Most likely the file has lost its extension. If you add it back, it should work. When uploading or sharing, please place the file(s) in a folder before compressing them, and this seems to prevent the extension from dropping off.

  • I'm trying to upload a rack with samples, but people are saying it's not working. What am I doing wrong?

    When you are uploading a rack with samples that are referenced from Sampler, Simpler, etc, you'll want to upload it as a set. Be sure to "collect all and save", and then compress the project folder for upload.