PerforModule PMX Series: "Tremolo Strings"

Tech Specs

Category: Ableton Racks

Version: Live 9.0

Format: Live Set (.als)

Type: Instrument

Genre: Hip Hop DnB Ambient Various Orchestral

UPDATE: You can get the entire PMX Series 50% off by using the code "BYEBYE" at checkout. More info here, or to purchase go direct to the shop at Isotonik Studios.

Introducing the PMX Series

The new PMX-300 Instruments are a series of Ableton Live 9 instrument racks developed by Animus Invidious of PerforModule, and are available for purchase on Isotonik Studios. In total there will be 18 packs, each containing 6-12 instrument racks, or over 150 instruments altogether.

The packs are being released 3 per month, and with each new release, PerforModule will be giving away a free instrument to demonstrate the type of sounds you can find in the packs.

Free Instrument Rack

To mark the release of the fourth set (PMX-310: Melodic Percussion, PMX-311: Strings, and PMX-312: Pads) PerforModule has partnered with Audiobombs to give away a fantastic free instrument from PMX-311, titled “Tremolo Strings”.

The samples contained in this instrument (and all the packs) have been recorded through a dual triode tube preamp at 24bit/96kHz with artificially-intelligent tracking processing for consistent velocity dynamics and tone. The instrument is set up as an Ableton rack with macros mimicking the physical instrument's attributes.

“Tremolo Strings” is a versatile instrument, and we think it provides something for everyone, regardless of your preferred genre. Cinematic pads, suspenseful high strings, house chords, or an ominous low end... we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

More Info

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PerforModule blog:
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Previous free instruments from the PMX series are available HERE, HERE, and HERE




Sound amazing thx, using similar ambient sample pack in my FL studio.

posted 6 years, 6 months and 3 days ago

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