FM House Chord Stabber Rack

Special Instructions

Unzip and open the project folder. Then open the included .ALS file.

Inside the project, you will see a MIDI track with the Instrument Rack preset. Click the floppy disk icon on the corner of the rack to save it as a preset in your User Library.

You can use the Macro Controls to manipulate the timbre from Operator, turn the Chord effect on or off (to play in your own chords), and balance the dry and spatial effect levels. Enjoy!

I absolutely love the sound of those chord stabs in late '80s and early '90s house and techno music. Think artists like Inner City and name a few. Here's a great example, RIGHT at the beginning of this tune:

Most of those sounds were made by sampling chords from other records, then transposing. I've decided to synthesize the sound using Ableton's Operator, the Chord MIDI Effect, and a few extra Audio Effects (to give it some space). I'm having a blast playing this back on my Push. I can't wait to use it on my next track!

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