Sound Energy Free Serum Presets - 01 - Sandpaper Synth

Special Instructions

Make sure your Serum is at least version 1.351 (Apr 1 2022). I can't garantee it works if your version is older than this. No external Wavetables needed, just copy the file in the Presets folder. usually is located in: C:\Users*YOUR NAME*\Documents\Xfer\Serum Presets\Presets Have a good day!

Someone build his legacy, others build their graves.

Do you need some gritty sounds? Here you are mate! Serum preset free of charge, enjoy :)

All 4 Macros and Modulation assigned. For percussive plucks put Env1 Sustain down to -infinite dB.

Melody in the demo link is from: Sound Energy - All Right (tuned A=432 Hz)

Sound Energy Feel the Sound