ZEN-Core B67 Collection 1-2 Bundle

Banks collection in .SVZ format loadable on all Roland software and synths compatible with the ZEN-Core standard.

The collection includes, among the various sounds: - 53 ZEN-Core tones containing 4-voice melodic and rhythmic sequences, synchronized with the scene BPM. thanks to the simultaneous use of 8 STEP-LFOs (2 per partial) and 128 overall steps - 32 linear FM tones, some created with 4 operators (double carrier-modulating pair) and some composed of a pair of FM partials and partial PCM -30 Bass Synth tones

Compatibility Software: Zenology - Zenology Pro - ZenBeat (with ZC1 player) Pianos: FP-E50, RD-88 Synth: AX-Edge, Fantom-06/07/08, Fantom-6/7/8, Juno-X, Jupiter-X/Xm Groovebox: MC-101, MC-707, VERSELAB MV-1 Wind Instruments: Aerophone AE-20, Aerophone Pro AE-30 Guitar Synth: GM-800