Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: LuSH-101

Genre: Acid Cinematic Trance Trap Various

Type: Atmospheric Bass Lead Pads String



Touch The Universe is proud to present “Majestic Euphoria” for the amazing Lush-101 synth from D16 Group, our fourth soundset for lush, containing a total of 238 patches (165 presets and 75 timbres), suitable for any contemporary electronic and ambient music genres. My first Lush-101 soundset was my second soundset release ever for this beauty of a synth, almost 5 years ago, when I was first starting out. Since then, I’ve learned alot, to say the least. So I’ve decided to revisit Lush after all this time and take another soundset to a whole other level, utilizing what I’ve learned over the years and boy, and I am glad I did.

The soundset covers a vast sonic territory and is full of exotic character which really comes alive with the mod-wheel – as many as 18 assignments. This ultra-pack covers a very wide sonic palette with a richly diverse assortment of styles, from complex, futuristic acid 303 lines to thick and lush keys, super wide stereophonic textures, piercing resonating leads full of grit and distortion. It also contains many beautiful lush pads, vibrant soundscapes and ambient textures. They are ideal for nearly all sub genres of electronic music, but, like with all the Touch The Universe sound banks, are perfectly suited to the exotic, progressive, and futuristic styles of trance.

This soundset turned out phenomenal, beyond my expectations. The same goes for Lush-101. I knew it was amazing before, but, wow, it just keeps getting better the more I learn and the more I experiment with it. In my opinion, it is literally within the top five synths, easy. These presets are some of my finest work in my opinion. Almost every preset is unique and does something special, sometimes mind blowing and there is a lot to go through. I almost wanted to split the sound bank in two because there is so much good material, but I decided to bundle it all up and simple release even more presets, and really soon. Haha, I really have fallen further in love with this synth. It’s a shame I haven’t revisited it, especially since it is one of my best selling soundsets ever!

I’ve decided to include both patches and timbres in this release. Most patches contain multiple layers, or timbres, so think of timbres as single starting patches, without any Fx or eq settings, so you are able to mix and match and create your own presets, if one is so inclined. It’s great fun, so give it a try! The soundset comes in three versions.





  • Includes 253 Total Presets, including 153 patches and 73 timbres.
  • For your convenience, patches are organized by type (bass, lead, etc) within the sound bank file.
  • Streams version contains over 100 streamed audio files used in the audio showcase.
  • MIDI version contains 31 MIDI files with automation used in the audio showcases.
  • All patches are volume normalized. (They won't clip and have equal volume levels when scanning between presets)
  • Complex Modulation Wheel destinations for patches. Many patches also utilize velocity sensitivity.
  • Patches created in the latest version of Lush-101 (April 2022).
  • Easily installation procedure with detailed instructions with images.



  • Basses - 46
  • Arps - 20
  • Leads - 29
  • Pads - 23
  • Plucks and Keys - 27
  • Sequences -20


  • Pads -12
  • Leads -12
  • Plucks -12
  • FX - 7
  • Arp -7
  • Basses -12
  • Misc 11