Serene Horizon for Diversion

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: Diversion

Genre: Ambient Cinematic Dance Trance Trap

Type: Atmospheric Bass Keys Pads Pluck




Serene Horizon is an exceptionally high caliber soundset with over 270 patches and 1 gigabyte of sample content for the exquisitely beautiful synth Diversion, by Dmitry Scehes, and is suitable for use in any type of contemporary electronic music productions. This Soundset takes Diversion to a whole new level and to places that were previously not possible. This is achieved by taking full advantage of the CPU saving features within Diversion itself, which allows us to use Diversion to its highest capacity, by streaming the oscillators back into itself to be used as a waveform oscillator. This makes it possible to go far above and beyond the previous CPU limitations and achieve extremely high quality, lushness, and movement that wasn't realistically possible without this feature. Thus, Serene Horizon takes absolute full advantage and fully embraces Diversion as a synth, without any of the previoius sonic limitations induced by CPU concerns.

Furthermore, nearly all of the patches are assigned to the Master Morph section in the center screen of the gui, to further enhance playability and add extra dimensions to the sound. Only the highest quality patches made it through the final selection process, after many countless hours of love, effort, and devotion. The result is an exquisite collection of over 270 ever-evolving, highly morphogenic, patches that any avid music enthusiast or artist would enjoy and can use in their productions. Download Serene Horizon Demo




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The Serene Horizon Soundset contains over 270 patches, which were carefully selected to offer a diverse assortment of Pads, Ambient Soundscapes, Leads, Basses, Drums, Arps, Sequences & Gates, Keys, Plucks, and Vocal patches. The full-size of the soundset is just over 1 gigabyte, which contains the samples and wave recordings of the streamed oscillators. This content is embedded within the presets themselves, so no complicated and tedious moving around of files to function properly.The Sound Bank contains some exceptionally beautiful evolving Pads and Ambient Soundscapes-- being dimensional and almost always having lots of movement. The soundset also contains some catchy, yet tasteful vocal patches that were created by importing samples into the oscillator -- which can be further altered via the granular engine within diversion (can anyone say Alchemy?). Being an avid sound perfectionist, everything that could possibly be tweaked, was tweaked in the creation of this bank, while exploring the countless sonic possibilities each patch has to offer. The result is an elegant and meticulously programmed collection of evolving, highly fluidic, warm, edgy, and lush patches that are highly playable, and can be immediately used in electronic music.

The Serene Horizon Soundset can be used in any variety of electronic music, on the whole, while it is also quite suited for the genres: Progressive Trance, Psy & Goa Trance, and the other more chillout, ambient type of genres such as: Psybient, Ambient, Chillout Etc. A lot of the patches strike a balance between beauty and timelessness, and thus perfectly genre-less, such as the Pads, Atmospheres, and Sound Scapes . The leads on the other hand are crated more for the exotic, harder edge style of genres, with extensive modulations and smooth goa trance style legato's and sliding plucks, perfect for Progressive Trance and Psy.


Many of the patches within the Serene Horizon Soundset are assigned to the Master Morph pad in the center of gui on the vsti, which uses a X and Y axis of assigned controls to morph between settings. (A useful tip: the X axis of the Master Morph Pad is assigned to the modwheel.) Furthermore, in an effort to reduce CPU hit, a lot of the patches take advantage of the stream to oscillator function. This makes it possible to take Diversion to places it couldn't reach previously, to its highest possible level of sound quality. As previously mentioned, this is achieved by streaming the oscillators back into themselves, to be used as wave file oscillators. The oscillators are of such high quality and purity, they take quite a CPU load on most systems -- especially the unison and voices option. Streaming-to-oscillators enables us to preserve the exceptionally high quality of sound, while being able to turn off the unison at the global level. This frees up CPU resources which can then be used for other things, such as modulations and filters. Thus allowing us to take Diversion far further than previously possible. This sound bank takes full advantage of this simple, yet elegant, feature-- which is a unique feature of this soundset (since it's a relatively new feature).

This sound bank offers extremely high quality, lushness, and movement,that wasn't realistically possible without this feature, thus taking absolute full advantage and fully embracing diversion as a synth without any sonic limitations educed by CPU concerns. While some patches still have quite a CPU hit (like some of the pads and ambient soundscapes), they have already gone through the CPU reduction process. Simply put, that means they have been taken far further than they could have. Thus, with this function,we can have exquisite sounding patches,stacked with layers with evolving movement -- made from the highest quality oscillators, filters, and modulation systems, without the expected CPU hit, that was previously not possible. Again, this is something unique to this sound bank, since this is a relatively new feature - sound bank availability wise.