100 Meaty Leads for Predator 3

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: Predator

Genre: Various

Format: .FXP/FXB (Standard VST format)

Type: Lead


100 Leads for Predator contains 100 gnarly, nasty, warm, beautiful, and clean leads for Predator 3.I've been using predator since version 1 and mainly used this synth for its unique leads. It is just one of those synths whose sound you can't get elsewhere and you didn't know you needed or you would love. Personally, I really love the glide in Predator, it is superb and the archetecture is tight. This synth can deliver some wonderful sounds in the right hands.


  • Includes 100 Presets.
  • All patches are volume normalized. (They won't clip and have equal volume levels when scanning between presets).
  • Complex Modulation Wheel destinations for all patches. When appropiate, many patches also utilized velocity sensitivity.
  • Includes a detailed pdf file for step by step instructions with pictures on how to install the soundset for both mac and win.