100 Eclectic Patches

Special Instructions

I hope you enjoy this eclectic patch bank! All 100 patches have been created by me. This will be the only patch bank that I am doing for the Korg Monologue. These are available free for commercial use. These individual patches can not be claimed as copyright. These patches may not be sold, either in their original, or edited state....but can be given away without compensation if modified. If you use one of these patches in a track, you can copyright that track...but the patch itself can not be copyrighted and anyone else is free to use that patch to make music, as long as it is not a copy of the work you have done with that patch.

Even though this patch bank is free, tips are appreciated.

You can either help me out by buying something from my Reverb shop: https://reverb.com/shop/julians-shop-7

By buying some of my art designs on merch: https://www.zazzle.com/store/4_the_love_of_noise/products

Or, you can make a small cash donation directly with Cash App. My username is: $ADHDsynth

These patches are all made at random, some while drunk, some while on certain other things. ;)

They are not organized and are in the order of creation, except that the first 20 and last 20 were created first....then the rest in the middle created later.

The patches range from organs, to science fiction sound effects. Lots of oddities to discover!

A demo of every patch can be found here: