Earthshine Soundset for Dune 2

Special Instructions

A PDF file with detailed installation instructions with images are included within the zip file after purchase.

Dune 2 by Synapse Audio is a highly versatile synth that is capable of some seriously beautiful, rich and complex sounds thanks to its 8 layer archeticture and perhaps the most sophiscated modulation matrix around. From evolving atmospheres to highly sophisticated and delicate leads, Dune 2 is perfect for all types of Electtronic Music. Earthshine for Dune 2 contains 155 patches and covers many areas of sound design, lush atmospheric, floating pads, slick formant legato leads with insane modulations via the modulation wheel for upmost unique character, gnarly modern snappy basses, exotic keys and keyscapes, exotic digital plucks, and interesting sequences. It is perfectly suited for any electronic genre. If you like sounds that are way out of the ordinary, you are in for a real treat.

Soundset Description

This soundset has been in the works for a V E R Y long time, indeed. Over two years I've been compiling patches, tweaking, perfecting and selecting to finally narrow down the first soundset in one of many more to come. I've been a huge fan of Synapse Audio for over a decade, using its now extinct Orion DAW as my main DAW, until the switch to Studio One 2 A few years ago. Needless to say, I definetely brought my "A" game with this soundset and I'm extremely pleased with it. Some of these lead patches are really o u t o f t h i s w o r l d :) I also took great pleasure in turning up some very gnarly, dirty, and gritty sounds with Dune 2.

The Earthshine Soundset for Dune 2 contains 155 patches for electronic music of any kind, including ambient genres. Every patch is assigned to the modulation wheel and nearly all have detailed velocity assignments, namely via cutoff. Most of the leads have some very complex and sophisticated path structuring going on with many different types of filters and resonance settings. This is a P E R F E C T playground for audio rate modulation, which Dune 2 absolutely excels at. This will retain the keen and absolutely pristine details while tweaking the modulation wheel I recommend the lowest possible audio latency your machine can handle and go wild automating these leads! There are some breathtaking pads and floating keys within the soundset as well, often using all 8 layers.

Patch Breakdown

  • Arps - 7
  • Leads - 37
  • Basses - 18
  • Plucks - 28
  • Keys - 21
  • SQ - 3
  • FX - 7
  • Pads - 34

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