Modular Methodology Promo

Drawing from the vibrant culture of Eurorack, Modular Methodologies, is an exciting collection of 122 Apeggiator/Sequence patches for Strobe 2. The incredibly flexible modulation available with Strobe 2 has allowed for the creation of a set of complex patches, that explore many of the contemporary genres around today. From EDM through to IDM, Chiptoon to Vintage synth, Ambient textures and Filmic backdrops, Modular Methodologies has it all covered. Utilizing the extensive modulation assignments and controls in Strobe 2, these intricate sounds can be morphed in an enormous number of ways, providing an ever changing and compelling pulse for your latest production. All the patches have modulation wheel and aftertouch assigned, with most having as many as three additional controllers on top of this. This allows the easy creation of deep and expressive sequences that will take any groove to the next level.

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