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The effect allows noise sampled from different analog equipment to be mixed with the signal. It also has several ways to degrade and waveshape the signal. The effect needs a gate to run, so drum loops etc must be sliced to drum machine. Controls are spread over two pages.

The noise is added to the signal with a replacer before the parallel bank of samplers. The gain of the noise is adjustable with the "gain" knob, with lower values an envelope follower is activated, causing the noise to pulsate with the input signal. "Volume" sets the overall volume of the noise after the envelope follower. "Release" sets the speed of the volume envelope follower of the noise.

Cleanest noise is mixed with the signal with gain, cutoff and release at around max, and volume set to taste. When "Noise cutoff" is below maximum, the ADSR envelope sets the decay of the noise filter, this is great with bass sounds etc, when just a bit of noise is needed in the attack phase. "Bass" adjusts the bass amount of the noise part of the signal.

The noise has also it's own amp simulation, that has an adjustable amount.

"Break" sets the amount of the amplitude modulation of the dry signal with the noise. "Corrupt" is a waveshaper made with polynom and the audio rate modulator. "Corrupt tone" sets the filtering of the waveshaping algorithm, it has only an effect when corrupt button is activated.

"Jitter" is the jitter of the sample rate reduction. "Clock rate" sets the rate of both the sample rate reduction and it's reconstruction filter, that is enabled with the "analog" button.

Now it uses a lot of CPU because every noise sample has it's own sampler. This allows for smooth mixing of noise from all sources via the three Vector 8 pads. I might make a version with only one sampler that switches the samples thru velocity, this would be a little less flexible but about 20 times faster...




It's best used really just to add a slight amount of noise to signals. But that would make a boring demo so I tweaked the effect for pretty hard signal breaking in the demo...

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